About Loryn


I’m Loryn Wilson Carter and I am a digital strategist and writer. On this blog, I write about social media, digital marketing, and using digital media to strengthen your brand through a racial and cultural lens. I also give best practices and lessons on how to better use social media not only to enhance communications strategies for companies and non-profits, but also to use it as a tool to connect with audiences of color. I am a recovering digital organizer who has run social media and communications campaigns for NAACP, YWCA USA, Center for Community Change, and more. As a writer, I have been featured on Alternet, Clutch, The Windhoek Observer, BlogHer, Revelist, and I’ve been on CNN.

When I am not helping organizations, businesses, and people be their best digital selves, I can be found cooking, going to concerts, and traveling. I live in Rockville, Maryland with my husband, Neal.

In addition to my work as a strategist I am a writer for hire – you can see some of my work here.

I love connecting with my readers so you can always follow me on Twitter.


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