Attend a Social Media Training in DC!

One of my mentors Beth Becker and me at my wedding reception. Little known fact: Beth bought me my bridal shoes as a wedding gift!

In my last post, I stressed the importance of developing skills to be a successful social media strategist. I developed most of the skills I have gained  from attending trainings and learning from some great mentors along the way.

One such mentor is Beth Becker. Beth is a social media strategist and trainer extraordinaire. I learn so much from her, and she was one of my favorite coaches at New Organizing Institute’s New Media Bootcamp.

I believe that everyone who works in social should attend at least one of Beth’s trainings, and in next month you can get your chance. Beth is hosting a social media strategy training in DC! 

Beth has a wealth of knowledge — I can’t stress this enough. If you are in DC or can travel to the DC area on August 22nd, I hope those of you looking to brush on on your social media strategy skills can attend this live training.


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